Science school for kids - Super HIKARI JUKU -

Kids learn optical science through experience of simple experiments with using light. We provide a such opportunity once a year.

super hikarijuku
Science lecture in elementary schools

We visit elementary schools locating around Osaka to give a lecture of optical science a few times a year.

science lecture in elementary schools
JP-NetS (Japan Photonics network of students)

We aim to expand of network of younger researchers which belong to Photnics. In JP-NetS, lectures, skill-up seminars, group discussion, and poster session are held.

Photonics Student Club

In Photonics Student Club, PhD students introduce their researches, and we discuss about their researches for expanding our view field.

Photonics Day

We have an opportunity of talking with Presidents of OSA and SPIE once a year to exchange opinions about activities of student chapters.

photonics day
Asia Student Photonics Conference

This is a student conference to build networks among students and young researchers studying photonics and optics in Asia.

The others

We have other interesting activites!