Photonics Day

  Photonics day is the day for the scientists and engineer and students engaging in optics to commemorate. The history of Optics is so old that it dates back to 2000 years ago that we can represents the mathematical expression of the straightness and reflections of light. Starting with the developing lens for commercialization, Optics was built up to the subject which have deep connection with other subjects through proceeding long history. Recently, our surroundings of optics have changed much with the technological development of laser many scientists, engineer and students study optics as the fundamental learning which could develop the technology over the world. In Photonics day, we look back on the history of optics and talk a lot about new future optics will bring to us. We also hold the events every year for commemorating photonics day. At Handai photonics day, we held the event for congratulating the day after 50 years when laser was developed as "Laser Fest" on November 11th In 2010, In the future also, we are going to hold this event for giving a boost to the field of optics more and setting this day to the most lively day in other country.

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